Sample Financial Plan

Disclaimer: This hypothetical example is a fictional plan and is used for illustrative purposes only. Please seek the advice of a qualified professional and do not rely on any of this subsequent information to make personal financial decisions. Every situation is different and this is not a guarantee of results.

Engaging in the financial planning process can be a significant event in one’s life. So just like any other event of significance, we believe you should know exactly what to expect before taking the next steps.

The financial planning process creates the roadmap to your financial life. Risk analysis, investment management, retirement strategies, tax management, and estate conservation; all are factors as we work to get you from point A to point B. 

Our process is a goal-based process: concentrate on what you want to do… not what you think you can afford.  We begin with all of your goals and aspirations and then analyze your current course to see what goals are currently attainable and what adjustments can be made to attain those that aren’t.  Of course decisions may have to be made regarding the trade-off of adjustments now versus attaining the future goal in its entirety, but over a number of years small adjustments can make a substantial impact!

The most important takeaway is that a financial plan is a living, breathing document that needs regular attention.  To be blunt, we know that the moment we “complete” the first iteration… it will be wrong.  It is impossible to know what will take place over the next 10/20/30+ years, thus we consistently monitor and adjust to keep up with life changes, goal changes, economic changes, and more.  

Click here to view a sample plan. We provide this as an example to show how concepts like savings strategies, asset allocation, and Social Security strategies can all play a factor in helping a client achieve a desirable outcome.